Tip for Buying a Turducken

A turducken is actually a turkey stuffed with a chicken, then stuffed with a duck, then stuffed with stuffing. Most times, it is offered to guests at Christmas, Thanksgiving, and even sometimes Easter to add a dramatic flair to the meal itself. There are quite a few varieties of turducken on the market today and many people even make their own, the choice is yours. If you aren't the type to make your own creation and would prefer to buy one, bake it, and then serve it to your guests, the following tips are for you.

Get a Head Count

This holiday meal comes in different sizes, so you will want to get a firm head count of how many people you have coming for dinner. A 10 pounder will feed 10 to 14 people. However, the larger turducken will feed up to 20. Make sure that you leave people out, who do not want to try the turducken, because they will want to eat the traditional turkey dinner instead.

Find the Best Seller

These days, you can buy this holiday food about anywhere. At one time, they were hard to find, but soon you will probably be able to find them beside the traditional turkeys in just about any grocery store. You can get recommendations on what type to get from everyone from friends to the butcher.

Buy Online

Believe it or not, you can also buy your turducken online. The bird will come in a vacuum-sealed bag that is still frozen, so you don't have to worry about it going bad. If it arrives late, you should send it back as it does have a timeline for freshness, and you don't want any of your guests getting sick.

Be Prepared

While these make some of the best dinners around during the holidays, you do want to make sure that you are prepared to pay the price. The average turducken runs around $70, so you are going to be spending more than you would on a traditional turkey.

These are just a few tips that you might want to follow when it comes to buying a turducken for your holiday dinners. From Thanksgiving to Easter and Christmas, you can be sure that everyone will love your surprise of a holiday meal. Remember that not everyone wants to eat something different on these holidays, so be prepared to fix a traditional turkey as well.